As anyone who has ever used Pinterest to find recipes can tell you, there are some great recipes and there are a lot of losers!  This post is dedicated to the winners.

Before LB was born, I made a special board full of recipes that we had made several times, that always turned out well, and that were easy enough I could make them while tending to the baby.  Once I went back to work, we continued to make these recipes all throughout the spring semester, only taking a break once summer started!

You see, we like to cook a variety of things (no “pizza night” for us).  So even though I made a list of about thirty recipes, it still felt like we were being super repetitive.  I did have the great idea to make a summary shopping list with the ingredients for each recipe that we don’t usually keep on hand (or that we might run out of easily like eggs).  Each week it used to take me an hour to draw up a grocery list but with this summary I could do it in five minutes.  Plus I would place a magnet on each recipe we planned to make that week, so that I wouldn’t forget (#newmombrain).  Here’s what my list looked like: summary ingredients list.

I hope you enjoy these recipes!  Next up, I’ll have to write a post dedicated to special recipes that might take longer but are totally worth it.


Dinner Recipes