I’m not sure what I’m doing here.  I don’t totally know why I started a blog, except that I wanted an outlet.  More than an outlet, I wanted a place to celebrate la vita bella, and this seemed much more fun than a journal!  Reflection is an important part of learning, about myself and about the world, but I find it difficult to convince myself to dedicate time to it each day, even just for five minutes.

Wait…what am I doing here?  What are you doing here?!  Let’s be clear.  This blog is for me, not you.  If you want to read it, I’m okay with that; otherwise I’d be somewhat of a ridiculous person for posting it on the interwebs.  But don’t expect any sort of theme.  I can’t promise you anything.  The purpose of the blog is to get myself to write, even just a little, and to create something that makes me happy.

Sometimes that means I’ll write about my family, but nothing too personal.  (See “not being a ridiculous person” above.)  Sometimes I’ll write about food or travel, both passions of mine.  Sometimes I’ll write about math, because I teach math and it’s a beautiful thing.  (Bet I caught you off guard with that one.)  And sometimes I’ll write in Italian, not because I speak Italian but because I want to.  And I need more practice.

Wait, I can promise you something!  I will use correct grammar and spelling, except for too many commas and occasionally starting sentences with “and”.  (See above.)  Well, nobody’s perfect.

I think that’s a good start.  Tomorrow, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself.  Maybe.  We’ll see. 🙂

I considered this picture for the header, but it didn’t crop too well.  (Roma, Italia. 2010)